When the lights are flashing on your furnace, it can feel like you are trying to learn a new language. You know it is trying to communicate an issue but how do you know what exactly is wrong? We’ll go over the American Standard HVAC 3 Flash Error Code and how you can try and fix it.

American Standard HVAC 3 Flash Error Code

When your American Standard furnace malfunctions it gives off several quick, bright flashes to alert you of a problem. The number of times the light flashes tells you the specific error code that applies to the problem at hand. The 3 Flash Error Code is one of the most common and we’ve compiled a list of ways to identify and attempt to solve the problem.

3 Flash Error Code

What it means:

Have you ever looked at your furnace and thought what do 3 flashes on American Standard furnace mean? This error occurs when the combustion air pressure switch that monitors the flow of air through the vent system fails to close while the induced draft motor is operating. Essentially, there is a problem with the pressure switch.

There are 4 major issues that usually cause this code to flash

  1. Inadequate airflow caused by a faulty inducer
  2. A blocked went pipe
  3. A broken or leaking pressure switch hose
  4. A faulty pressure switch

How to fix it:

First, you want to verify that the induced fan motor that controls most air pressure is operating as normal. You should be able to feel airflow coming through the heat exchanger. If there’s no air coming, the best solution is going to be to replace the motor entirely.

If the motor is working completely fine, the issue could also be related to a faulty connection to the Furnace Control Board. In that case, you would need to find those part replacements accordingly or try and repair the connection.

If neither of those solutions fixes the code, a blocked vent pipe or leaking pressure switch could be the issue and you’d need to contact your local HVAC repair company, Dependable HVAC, to investigate further.

what do 3 flashes on American Standard furnace mean
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2 Flash Code

What it means: Are you wondering what other American Standard furnace red light codes mean? If your furnace is flashing 2 times it likely means the furnace is blowing cold air. This is happening most likely because the furnace is unable to catch a flame.

How to fix: This issue is going to be extremely hard to self-repair and you’d most likely need to contact a professional.

22 Flash Error Code

What it means: The 22-flash error code can be alarming just because of the sheer number of flashes your furnace is giving off. This error code usually means there is something wrong with the flame lighting the furnace itself.

How to fix: The immediate solution for this is to just turn your furnace completely off. The furnace power button serves as a replacement for an American standard furnace reset button location. It can be impossible to immediately tell what is wrong with the flame, so you’d also want to call a professional to help repair the problem.

Your furnace giving off the American Standard HVAC 3 Flash Error Code can be scary business, but when you understand what it means you can plan your next steps without any fear.