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Keep your home’s air conditioner running smooth year-round with these easy to follow maintenance and repair tips for your home ac.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

As warmer weather returns, it’s expected that our AC units will run more frequently. But is it bad if outside AC unit runs constantly, without stopping? Constant operation could indicate problems such as poor airflow, low refrigerant or dirty condenser...
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When the house won’t cool down on a hot day or warm up on a cold night we often blame our HVAC system. But the problem can also begin on a much smaller scale: the thermostat. We’ll discuss how to...
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It’s certainly alarming to wake up in the morning and find ice on the outside of your air conditioner. Especially after a night of poor sleep due to insufficient cooling. The good news is that your air conditioner freezing up...
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Are you wondering why you’re feeling sweltering heat when your AC is on? It could be that your AC needs repair. All the DIY tips on the internet can only get you so far before your system requires professional service....
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Undeniably, the air conditioner may be the most important appliance used during the summer season. That’s why knowing some basic air conditioner maintenance tips is really important. Not only can you improve the efficiency of your AC, but you can...
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This is the time of year when you depend on your air conditioner the most. If you’ve ever had AC problems, you dread the day you wake up to a hot house without a working AC unit. When you head...
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Is your air conditioner driving you crazy? It’s essential on a hot day, but your AC running loud is an annoying inconvenience. So what is going on exactly?...
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