HVAC Repair Guarantee

Dependable Heating and Air guarantee all repairs for 90 days.

HVAC Maintenance Guarantee

Dependable Heating and Air also offers the standard 19 point system check designed to prevent breakdowns this summer.  The technician will inspect the system for potential breakdowns and calibrate the needed items to ensure everything is within proper tolerances.  Assuming you have any suggestion repairs made the technician recommends Dependable Heating and Air guarantees no breakdowns this summer.  If there is a breakdown you receive head of a line privileges and the cost of the maintenance will be credited to the repair during the summer.  You can find cheaper tune-ups but they don’t provide guarantees against breakdowns.

HVAC Installation Guarantee

Dependable Heating and Air a guarantee all installations for a minimum of one year.  That guarantee can be expanded to 5, 10 or lifetime guarantees.